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Neurokinetic Therapy    -   Energetic Kinetic Reset  - Massage Therapy

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Allison Pfeiffer
Mobility for Longevity Specialist


Why Neurokinetic Therapy?

What NKT can help with...

Scars, Post Surgical Function

Scar tissue and facial disturbances from injury or any surgery can cause muscle inhibition or over activity, creating issues that may effect recovery and full function.

Pain Patterns & Chronic Tension

Areas of the body that hold constant tension, even after massage or stretching,  can be part of a dysfunctional muscle pattern that needs to be cleared out for proper function to be restored.

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Ankle Sprains

Ankle ligaments can become part of a pattern of dysfunction after a sprain or strain and need to be checked to avoid repeated injury and instability.

C-section Recovery
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The scar from a C-section can commonly become the compensator for back and abdominal muscles. Clearing the link to the scar tissue can immediately change tension and pain in the back or hips, and weakness in the core muscles. This is one of my favorite corrections because it make a huge difference and affects a large percentage of women.

Back and Knee Pain

Often times where we feel the pain is the victim of  a dysfunction, not the source. Knee pain can often come from the joint above or below the knee. Back pain can be caused by a multitude of other issues from the gait, to the neck, to the core. NKT can assess the patterns specific to you and your body.


Often following a car accident, fall or concussion, the muscles of the muscles of the head, neck and shoulders are strained, causing them to compensate. This can commonly create pain pattern and headaches. Resetting proper muscle function clears these patterns.

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