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Energetic Kinetic Reset

Energetic Kinetic Reset is an innovative health and healing service that clears physical and energetic limitations. Through a combination of energy work and bodywork, Energetic Kinetic Reset helps to release the stored energy and rebalance the body, restoring mobility and relaxation. Experience the power of energetic kinetic reset to help you feel better and create lasting transformation.

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Emotions, Memories

All through our lives, energy is being used, transferred, and stored in our bodies. All of our experiences, both positive and negative, create the body we live in. Our emotions, memories, thoughts, and ties to other people can be linked to our muscle function, health and pain, and we don't even have an awareness of it. Energetic Kinetic Reset can clear these patterns from the body.

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Don't Need to Know, Let it Go

Clearing the limiting energy patterns from the body is not therapy or counseling. Energetic Kinetic Reset can clear the patterns without even knowing the story behind the thoughts, emotions, injuries, or experiences. We work together to get your subconscious or Soul body to know the pattern and allow it to be released. You can share whatever you are comfortable with sharing, or keep it confidential.

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